Call of Cthulhu: Horrors Beyond the Waking Sight

Blackwater Creek

The first adventure

The group was gathered together by Professor Ernest McTavish. They were sent out to find a missing professor, Dr. Henry Roades, and his wife Abigail. The party met with his student assistants, particularly Walt Gerig, and then set out to Blackwater Creek. On the way, they met with John Merritt, a friend of Doc. Butcher, before arriving in the city. While the rest of the party met with Nathaniel Baxter and bought supplies, Doc. Butcher "negotiated" with the local children to get a jar of water- which had devoured a worm. The party then talked to Dick Sprouston, the local sherriff. They then set out to the Jarvey farm, where they met the local family. While the party got settled, "Andrew Sanders" snuck around the Carmody farm- seeing that the local crops were oozing a strange black liquid. Later that night, animals went crazy, some screaming and thrashing about, some simply watching the party. After a run in with a boar, which the party shot and killed. both Hector Winney and Sprouston showed up, talking to the investigators. Sprouston attempted to arrest the party, but all except Drake and "Andrew" escaped. The party investigated a dig site, along with Roades personal camp, realizing that this was not all as it seemed- old legends and mysterious remains linked together with the strange water and crops, and the sickness going around. Several of Sprouston's men engaged the party, while Drake and Andrew managed to get away from Sprouston one way or another. The party met together at Roades's camp, along with an injured Hector Winney. After helping out the Jarveys, they moved on the Carmody farm, where they fought Damien Carmody, several goons, and the abomination that was Brendan Carmody. They then found Prof. Roades, killing his altered, monstrous form. After reading his notes, they went to a cave in the woods, allegedly the source of the corruption. With dynamite they found from previous mining, Doc. Butcher and Blackwell went up into the cave while the rest of the party went back to their cars, as they heard gunshots from the area. Lysander and Drake saw an abomination, a tentacled monster from which the water gushed forward. They lit dynamite, and managed to detonate the cave, destroying the creature within. Meanwhile, the rest of the party found Hawk's butler dead, attempting to drive off with Hector in tow. They fought with Sprouston and his followers, eventually killing them all. With Malcolm and Theodore Jarvey, who had helped them, in tow, they set off, towards whatever happens next. 


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