Drake Blackwell (Tyler)

WWI veteran, currently in the reserves.


Standing on the tall side at 6"2 weighing at around 200 lbs with salt and pepper hair with storm gray eyes a and a fierce glare that no one should desire to be put under usually wearing a black trench coat with a pair of leather gloves and a fedora with a red fabric wrapping around it. for a side Drake tends to carry set of Model P08 lugers obtained through the war as well as a large duffle bag filled with enough ordinance to make most self-respecting rednecks proud contain in the bag are as follows
Str 70 if you in this line of work you need to be able to throw one hell of a swing
Con 80 Ater surviving a war you kinda become a tough bastard to kill
Size 50 not to special just taller than most people you’d meet kinda muscular in appearance
Dex 60 Quick on his feet and able to keep up with the best of them
App 50 he’s no supermodel and he knows it hell in his line of work its best not to stand out
Edu having used his stint in the military to take a few courses in a fairly decent college he learned what he could
int 40 he isn’t the brightest in the field of most studies but when it comes down to brass tax he know a bullet to the head equals dead
Pow 50 having served with Divison 405th code named White wolves Drake saw that war is not a place of honor or valor but an all-consuming flame that smothers all that tread into its reach.
hp 13 Drake still feels the wounds he suffered through the war but he wears them with pride and pushes on
luck 75 Drake is someone who shouldn’t be underestimated in a fight or outside of one for when you think his number is up he manages to pull something out of thin air to save his ass
Credit rating 20% Drake was not exactly broke but sometimes his job don’t pay seeing that he can have dry spells of no cases
dodge 50% one thing Drake learned during the war was this you were either fast or you were dead
fighting brawl 55% let’s put like this isn’t his first fight and it certainly won’t be his last
handguns 70% crack shot that even Annie Oakley could be proud of
Rifles/shotguns 90% let’s say this give this man a rifle and a target and he’ll put bullet in them before you can blink
first aid 60% you fight a war and learn things enough said
Language 60% he know his way around the English language well enough
Library use 46% he spent enough nights in the college Library to find his way around
listen 45% Drake can hear most things pretty well and will admit things do slip past him
psychology 65% Drake knows how to read his mark well in his line of work you need to
sleight of hand 50% he ain’t no pickpocket but He can get something from some without them knowing if he plays his cards right
spot hidden 50% he can see someone who’s Hiding moderately well but he’s not perfect he may miss clues here and there if he doesn’t focus too well
Survival 30% his skill may have become a little rusted with time but Drake can still push through if push comes to shove.

One well-Stocked med kit
One bayonet
One 12 by 16 tent
One flashlight with 5 standby batteries
One notebook with fountain pen
Five road flare
One bear trap
One pair of binoculars
Two folder camp beds
One camp stove
One 50 foot rope
One blow torch
One Scoped Lee-Enfield rifle with 5 clips hold ten round each so 50 shots in total
One flare gun
One set of dynamite
One 12 Gauge Pump action shotgun with two boxes of ammo each hold in 20 so 40 shots
Two model P08 Lugers with 4 clips each 8 in total holding 8 rounds each so 64 shots total


So this you wish to hear about little old me eh puffs smoke from a cigar the turns back very well not much to Tell names Drake Blackwell no childhood tragedies old man and mom treated me well enough but my story really starts going in the end of the war well really it was after the war you see I was offered a job by a man going by the name of well let’s say it best you don’t know his name if you need to meet him he’ll find you but what does this man have me doing for simple keeping some folks in line and making sure they don’t get any ideas about selling to other folks and taking all the profit so with that in mind I was sent to check out some folks in the boonies of a town under the guise of find some missing professor but he also told me to try my damnest to find this old man who went missing some time ago I think it was like two months ago so lets say things just got weird and weirder like a rabbit hole that just deepened before it got wider .

Drake Blackwell (Tyler)

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