Dr Hiram Ewell (David)

Lead Professor of Archeotheology at Miskatonic University


Born in Salem, Massachusetts to two Scottish immigrants in the year 1870, Doctor Hiram Ewell spent much of his early childhood moving back and forth between Scotland and America. Early on he gained an avid interest in Scottish folklore from his uncle and grandparents, and as he grew older he would develop a similar interest in Greco-Roman and Arabic mythology, as well as in that of the pagans in Europe.

When he was nearing his first decade, Hiram would live for the most part in America, where he, his twin sister Elizabeth, and his parents worked in a textile factory to make a living. He used much of his spare time teaching himself to become a better reader, going through such texts as the Iliad and Beowulf by the time he was twelve.

Sometime in his late teens, Hiram’s sister Elizabeth was committed to a mental hospital for depression. He visited her often during the first few years, and was one of the primary sources of happiness for her. The visits stopped soon after her lobotomy. He doesn’t like to talk about her.

Reaching adulthood, Hiram moved to England to get an advanced degree in archeotheology from Oxford. During this time, he developed a close bond with his younger second cousin, Angus Ewell, giving Angus a love of myth and legend. The two of them still maintain contact with one another.

Hiram moved back to America, traveling around a bit before settling in Arkham, Massachusetts, meeting the love of his life, Anna, and getting a job at the Miskatonic University. There, he was soon joined by a young Russian immigrant, Dr Fyodor Vassilyevich, who was assigned to be his assistant.

On one of his many trips to conduct field research in the Middle East, Hiram met James Marvel, who, despite only being a teenager at the time, became a rather close friend of the professor, by virtue of the fact that his physical strength, knowledge of the area, and skill with a rifle allowed him to save Hiram’s life on more than one occasion.

At one point in Hiram’s late 30s, while he was in Arkham, back from another research excursion, his wife died under mysterious circumstances. Anna’s death caused Hiram to focus more heavily on his research. There were days when he didn’t leave his office, the only person he really had contact with at the time being Dr Vassilyevich.

As days turned to weeks and months eventually became years, Hiram began to come to terms with the fact that the love of his life was dead. He would continue to miss her for the rest of his life, but he was cognizant of the fact that he couldn’t simply hole up in his office forever.

Offering the occasional class to help himself avoid depression, Hiram began getting on with his life. While on a yearly hunting trip with the other history professors in Burma, Hiram was reunited with his old friend, James, who was now a guide through the jungle, and the captain of a river ferry, having been inspired by Hiram to see more of the world. Meeting an old friend further helped Hiram to deal with his loss.

Now, more than a decade later, Doctor Ewell is mostly content with researching, and is rather well-liked by a decent portion of the Miskatonic’s student body, as a result of his helpful-if somewhat studious-nature.

Dr Hiram Ewell (David)

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