Doctor Lysander Nutmeg Azaereth Butcher (Cyrus)

Alcoholic, irate, and unreliable, Doc Butcher is a man who is going nowhere fast.


40 STR (20/8) Thin, not in great shape.
50 SIZ (25/10) Taller then average, but also quite lean.
60 DEX (30/12) Quick of step, and able to make precise incisions without difficulty.
50 CON (25/10) Not particularly tough, but not flimsy either.
60 APP (30/12) Has illusions that he could have been an actor in another life.
80 INT (40/16) He is gifted, and like so many who are gifted, he has chosen to squander it.
76 EDU (35/14) He has learned much, in school and on the street.
50 POW (25/10) He’s never really felt much either way in terms of the supernatural.
45 LUCK (22/9) He has a sinking feeling that his luck is about to run out…
Age 34 (Feels 64)
No damage modifier from build,
10 HP
45 Sanity
30 Credit Rating, The streets don’t pay well.
99 First Aid, He feels as though he uses it every day.
75 Medicine, He knows how to deal with breaks, bruises, ruptures, you name it.
Language (Latin) 11, Learned it in school, forgot it immediately.
Language (English) 76, Could tell you the difference between Verd and a Vale.
Psychology 95, Always had a knack for telling a lie from the truth.
Science (Pharmacy) 25, Knows how painkillers work, and where to stick the needle.
Science (Biology) 7, Could probably tell the difference between the Tibia and the Fibula.
Fast Talk 80, Knows how to convince you that you are not about to bleed to death.
Handgun 50, Been in two gunfights, never killed someone. With a gun, at least.
Spot Hidden 40, Doctors need to be able to see small details.
Listen 40, Attentiveness is what keeps you alive on the street.
Drive Auto 40, Had a car once. Sold it for booze.
Dodge 56, Knows to go under the punch, not into it. Learned the hard way.
Sleight of Hand 30, Skilled with his hands.
Stealth 40, Sometimes, it’s better to just leave quietly.
Dipsomania, He started drinking because he had nothing else to do.
Lose no sanity for viewing corpse or gross injury.


Some stories begin with a birth, or a death, or… a, I dunno, some sort of dramatic event. Not mine. Takes a swig from canteen My story began with me getting fired. But, but, before you say anything about how that seems pretty dramatic- it wasn’t. I knew I was getting fired that day. Knew it three, four weeks in advance. I was, like a doctor, you know? Didn’t really want to be, but… eh, well, after my parents died, my granddad took me in, and he was a doctor. He was also a real bastard, always talking shit on my dad and acting all uppity and pompous. I became a doctor, because, fucking impulsive moron I am, I wanted to prove to him I was better than him. I didn’t. Barely made it through med school. He died before I graduated, left all his money to some charity or another. I wasn’t surprised. So, I got a job at the hospital, didn’t give a shit, got fired, and wound up jobless, poor, and on the street. That’s when my life became interesting. I knew a couple of shady characters from my time at the hospital, and soon I was stitching up mafiosos for my bread. Word got around, and now I’m the guy you go to for a patch-up, without any official records or police questioning. I’ve had a rough time of it, and not every patient makes it. Some days, I’m not sure I’ll make it. Still, I keep going, looking for my big break. I’m sure if I can make some sort of big medical discovery, I’ll be able to pull myself out of this slump and start living the good life. Any day now, I’ll find myself stumbling upon my ticket out of this dive, just you wait and see!

Believes in fate
Mulls things over in the bar
Most valued object is his trusty scalpel
Secretly quite ambitious
Goes by Doc Butcher, or L to the friends he doesn’t have

Doctor Lysander Nutmeg Azaereth Butcher (Cyrus)

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