The Shadow in the Streets (Anthony)

He goes by many names. The real question is who are you and why do you wanna know it


His name unknown, his occupation unknown his goals to do away with those who deserve it.
If you stay on his good side he can be a good ally but double cross him and thats the end of you

Names he gives with his normal clothes: Michel Richardson, Andrew Sanders, Bruce Gussie

Fake lives names and jobs: John Burnwel- Lawyer, Ricky Loyren- psychiatrist, Christopher krayton- Mob boss (has 3 regular fellow justice bringers with good acting come as fake goons) Stanford Starlet- Stealth man

((he has extra clothes in case he needs to come up with another disguise on the spot but thats what he has planned for at the moment, all listed fake lives have there stuff hidden in his apartment in different locations))

Age: 25

HP: 14


CON: 72


SIZ: 75

POW: 60

APP: 55


EDU: 40

LUCK: 85

San: 67

Movement: 9

Physical bonus: +1d6

Credit rating: 50

Contacts: police chief, Others who work for Justice

Weapons: 2 large knifes hide within pockets of his padded trenchcoat ( 1D8+1D6 )
2 smaller knifes more hidden in his undershirt ( 1D4+1D6)
2 IMI Desert Eagle’s that he keeps hidden in pockets for ultimate concealment ( 1D10+1D6+3 )
2 Contact Tasers 1D3+Stun

Money- Cash: 5,000 Assets: 500,000 Spending level: 1,000

Acting: 75% Disguise: 75% Firearms(Hand Gun): 77% Law: 55% Read lips:48%Persuade: 55% Psychology: 36% Spot hidden: 75% Ride: 58% Brawl: 99% Sneaking: 52% Drive: 34% Electronics:31% Mythos: 2%

The Shadow in the Streets (Anthony)

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